Prepared Itinerary Or Spontaneity

Do like to have a prepared itinerary or do you like spontaneity?  When you travel every month to a major destination you learn to pack lean.  Claire (blue) and I (tan) travel with the same hand luggage.  Here are some of its features that should wow you: Expandable (1/3 extra room after you’ve landed) Easy […]

Paradise Island – Bahamas

Our trip to Paradise Island in the Bahamas was a last minute affair.  Standby tickets with carry-on luggage and the hopes of pure sunshine.  We took a taxi using the set and posted prices.  During our stay the lobby was under construction but we were treated royally.   Jamie asked for a rate equal to the […]

CUBA – A Trip Into My Childhood

The twenty minute ride from the airport to downtown Havana was riddled with memories.  Memories of driving to the dry cleaners in the midst of morning smog as a child, the memories of working on the exhaust system of my MGA, or driving my VW Beetle in downtown Detroit.   Smog, soot and the real sense […]

A New Blog: Amazing Storied Stones!

We, Jamie and Claire, are younger at heart than most.  We Travel These Stones and we have traveled them right far. “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” -Saint Augustine of Hippo Travel Blogs are a dime a dozen. We decided to write a blog where you […]

Imagine Paris!

After watching the movie “Somethings Gotta Give” starring Diane Keaton, Keanu Reeves and Jack Nicholson for the umpteenth time I asked my wife, if the restaurant “Le Grande Colbert,” was, in fact, a real venue?  For you hopeless romantics out there, the answer is- YES!  We made a reservation in advance on our previous visit […]

In 1967 -My First Flight Was An Emergency Landing.

Are you afraid of flying?  There is hope!  In 1967 as an 11 year old I was anxious about my first flight.  Dad had flown and loved to fly gliders, I on the other hand was more like mom, nervous, anxious and a talkative bundle! On the way to the airport I asked, “What is […]