Prepared Itinerary Or Spontaneity

Do like to have a prepared itinerary or do you like spontaneity?  When you travel every month to a major destination you learn to pack lean.  Claire (blue) and I (tan) travel with the same hand luggage. 

Here are some of its features that should wow you:

  • Expandable (1/3 extra room after you’ve landed)
  • Easy Travel Document Pockets in Front
  • Handles on outside of luggage
  • Pocket for Computer adapter in back
  • Place for suit, pants or clothes needing to be washed.

Renate has a stewardess handbag that helps us through security.  I carry a folding bag if I need more capacity.

We both have our NEXUS cards and global entry to allow us to be TSA Pre-Checked on all our flights.

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