Paradise Island – Bahamas

Our trip to Paradise Island in the Bahamas was a last minute affair.  Standby tickets with carry-on luggage and the hopes of pure sunshine.  We took a taxi using the set and posted prices.  During our stay the lobby was under construction but we were treated royally.   Jamie asked for a rate equal to the internet pricing.  The accommodations were better than most and the front desk beat the online pricing by far.  We even had breakfast included.  As guests, we have access to the pools, facilities, health spa with signing privileges to the restaurants of Atlantis.  And did I say the pools of Atlantis Paradise Island.  Understand that the pool and pool-side swim-up bar is spectacular at Comfort Suites.  It is glorious.  It is sheltered from the wind and has a life guard. The pool was also very clean with ample towels for the guests.

“Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink in the wild air.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

We were struck by the economics of the Island. Like Cuba, we saw that the Chinese were investing in the infrastructure. And there was a crumbling infrastructure when you walked over or traveled over the bridge beyond the isolation of Paradise Island. As runners, we painstakingly watched our steps as we ran the stretch from the hotel to the bazaar where the cruise ships docked. The bazaar, as expected, was jam packed, with offers of handmade goods, cigars and other crafts – we were looking for bread baskets. There is an inexpensive puddle jumper that will take you to the bazaar itself and if you want, you can walk the short distance to some of the local restaurants and island food – yumm!

The Local Food

We enjoyed a number of great meals – three restaurants stood out in particular and there was a small grocery and a wine store across the street from the Hotel next to Anthony’s Seafood and Ribs (Italian) Restaurant.

Anthony’s Seafood and Ribs – It had a nice outdoor patio but we found the food, especially the Pizza, at $60, a bit much and the Island cocktails were expensive. Remember your choices are in short supply. It is supply and demand baby!

Cafe Martinique – We had a terrace dinner on the balcony overlooking the yachts with their wait staff scurrying to prepare meas for the guests docked in the Marina. You have to make a reservation but the chef and his designs and plating (my caramelized encrusted duck with Beet Salad pictured below) were really worth the evening and the money. Best wine selection on the island too.

Oh Andros – This was our best meal of the trip for the money – a great family restaurant with limited outdoor seating and great presentation of their food.

The Beaches and Pools of Atlantis

The wristband and signing authority were all we needed for our trek through the entire complex. We spent two days swimming in every pool and walking every beach. Any security detail were busy watching the guests. We took along my QikVin Cocktail Bottle! I designed it out of Tritan non-BPA plastic with a 304 stainless steel piston. Our frozen delights kept us going most of the day. Pools were warm, interesting, some were private, adult-only places. But our blue lagoon cocktails were a smash hit. Everyone wanted a QikVin and we were more than glad to point them in the right direction. Some of the guests were cooking on the very recognizable Weber 3 Burner Stainless Steel Grills and the cocktails made for great conversation.

The Bahamas is certainly a place for down time. I watched Casino Royal and then walked the grounds of the Baha Mar to enjoy the set of the James Bond Film. Claire took to her Kindle and read “Again to Carthage.” She had read its prequel “Once a Runner.” Speaking of running, by day two we had found our rolling and hilly route north of the Comfort Suites and ran the ocean view street leading away into quite districts of Paradise Island. On the whole, we are now interested in the smaller islands (out islands) of the Bahamas. You can expect a post from one of these islands in the near future. I expect to do some deep sea fishing on Long Island, Cat Island, the Exumas. Here is a fishing guide to direct your plans for travel.

Resources For Those A Stone’s Throw Away From Paradise

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