Jamie and Claire drinking white wine

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Claire – I was a teenage bride and travel the stones with Jamie my husband of 40 plus years. I love familia, wine and food, life, art and feel like I’m stuck in the movies I love (like the Notebook) when I’m not traveling the world with Delta. I’ve worked in IT for a global fortune 100 firm and now I run the blog full-time and travel around these stones, absorbing stories, life and color as I go. Contact me anytime:


Jamie – I was born in Canada, raised as a European and became an immigrant to the USA with Claire. I have been a travel guide in Germany, Greece, Turkey, Israel, and Egypt as a clergyman. Referred to by many as Renaissance man, I have been a college president, a writer and motion picture consultant, and continue to be a winery owner and inventor with more than a few patents. I play jazz piano, paint with oils and a knife in the style of Georgio O’Keefe, and I travel these stones with Claire. Claire is my love and we have written this notebook of our love together. Contact me anytime:

Together we are avid runners and are part of the USRSA – (United States Running Streak Association). Yes that is a thing- to join you have to run a a minimum a mile a day for a year and then the streak is added to the official list. More importantly we Travel These Stones so you can imitate our travel, repeat our joys and avoid our heartache and create beautiful picturesque memories for yourselves.

We want you to follow us and become part of Our Tribe. So, we invite you to respond to our blog, add your own insights before and after you travel and tell us your stories inspired by our travel through these stones.

Interested in Working Together?

Brand Ambassadors – Jamie and Claire take pride in staying in the best destinations we write about and we prominently feature the products we purchase and then describe.  Please contact us by email if you wish to work with us.

Our Photography – Contact us about using our magical moments on your web page or advertising.

Public Speaking – Jamie has captivated crowds for years in the lecture halls or on location.  His depth of knowledge on all things historical together with his terrific companion Claire makes for a great event and provides motivation for retreats, business leadership and more. 


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