A New Blog: Amazing Storied Stones!

We Use Stones Intead of Stars!

We, Jamie and Claire, are younger at heart than most.  We Travel These Stones and we have traveled them right far.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” -Saint Augustine of Hippo

Travel Blogs are a dime a dozen. We decided to write a blog where you could imitate our travels. Most people want a unique experience when they travel. I compare it to opening a fine wine. How many times have you ventured to try a vintage wine only to discover it was a dud? I know, I am a winery owner and many restaurants place a wine on their menu for the wrong reasons and I, too, have been disappointed. So, we wanted a blog that could deliver!

Every Post will include:

  • An inspirational verse about our destination
  • A Movie title that features the location we are visiting (watch in on your travels or pre-post visit.
  • A Kindle Book to read that reflects our destination
  • A super wine or cocktail known to blow your socks off!
  • Savings! Links! to products and places we think you should know about!

Save your money by scoping out great places to go, reviewing the best hotels we have experienced, and sharing the greatest way to save your money while traveling with tips, advice and offering you some of the most unique sights and sound ever.

For example, St. Lucia in the Caribbean, is great but don’t go there if you get car sick or sea sick. There isn’t a straight road on the island.

For example, Paradise Island in the Bahamas, has the Comfort Suites of Paradise Island that gives you access to all the pools of Atlantis for pennies on the dollar. Comfort Suites has a newly designed pool with Tiki Bar and it is a stone’s throw from everything–at a fraction of the cost.

For example, most hotels in Albufeira in Portugal, offer a tremendous breakfast, so where are all the local grocery stores you can reach by foot to save on local food for one meal a day? ‘

In order to bring a source of income to our venture we have monetized the site in the following way:

  • We have teamed up with to meet your accommodation and car rental needs and only insert their links when we recommend a place to stay.
  • We have affiliated with Amazon for all your travel needs and have highlighted these links in red on the website.
  • For airfare we have linked up with Orbitz because of their involvement with Delta our preferred travel partner.
  • And we have a content rich Google affiliation in our Side Menu.

For your enjoyment we try to link a movie, a book and a tune to every travel destination and when we have created a Mixbook for our own enjoyment we include this in our notes as well.

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