My Monthly Income From This Travel Blog!

July 2019

Well it is exactly one month after the blog went live and we made a total amount of $4.44 in affiliate commissions and .26 cents in PPC ads. No checks cut yet, but we sent 8,000 emails out on prime day and we hope our constant work at backlinks will improve these numbers on our site. I also found this little “code snipplet” which keeps out webs value in front of our eyes.

Site value

June 2019 – Official Launch

We have not made a penny to date from blogging. Well, that is not exactly true. At some point I made 17 CENTS on AdSense, I do not know when, or where, or how? So as of June 16, 2019 – Nada, Nothing. AdSense does not cut checks until the revenue reaches $100.00.

I will keep you posted. I am taking a course on blogging opportunities. And I’ll get back to this post in a month with the lessons learned and the results.

You can also follow my post on what I’ve learned on this journey called Bloggolishous!

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