Eating in Aruba

For a spectacular view visit the California lighthouse, at the northern tip of Aruba. It was built in 1914-1916 and named after the steamship California which wrecked nearby in 1891. The lighthouse is open to the public and you can climb to the top for panoramic views. If you want a great Italian dinner, make reservations at Faro Blanco, just across the way from the lighthouse. The restaurant has an outdoor patio that is perfect for dinner and watching the sunset. Make sure you call for reservations. The night we went, they had a special wine and dinner event that looked like a blast! Jamie had the lamb chops and says it was the best he’s ever had!


We also ate at Las Brasas Peruanas in the Paradise Beach villas. They are known for their charcoal-burning rotisserie which was made in Peru and shipped to Aruba. We had their chicken which is marinated for 24 hours in a special mix of Peruvian herbs and spices before spit-roasting. Our dish also came with chicken hearts which were tasty but eat them when they’re hot… that’s when they’re best.

On our first night, we ate at the Sweet Peppers Restaurant and Grill and had a seafood platter for two… four people could have eaten all the seafood that we got. The restaurant is on the second floor and we sat on the balcony and people-watched. It was a little noisy, not just from the traffic below but also from the songbirds in the tree next to the restaurant. But, there was a nice breeze blowing and it was enjoyable nonetheless.

Aruba cocktail

A restaurant that we didn’t have time for, but wanted to try, is the Elements restaurant at Bucuti & Tara beach resort. They boast the most extensive vegan menu on the island. Dishes like “cashew cheese tacos”, “avocado tartare”, “peanut tempeh satay” and the favorite “BBQ chickpea lettuce wraps” all sounded great! The bar even serves “healthy hour” which is a green take on happy hour where smoothies are half off.

Aruba vegetarian restaurant

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