10 Amazing Cities In Europe For Digital Nomads And Those Who Love To Travel

Are you anything like me? Are you a travel-holic who loves luxury destinations but sometimes just likes to throw up your heals? Do you living and work from a laptop, spending every break or long weekend traveling a couple of days, weeks or months here and generally carrying all your belongings in your backpack? More and more people adopting this great life style. Europe may not be the number one choice for the digital “Matts” because of the generally higher prices you can still live here on a keen budget or perhaps you are just digitally wealthy.

There are big city destinations for digital travelers in Europe: who doesn’t want to be a digital journey in Lisbon or Madrid, enchanting Paris, Rome, Austria or Berlin? The thing is that usually most digital travelers pick the well known cities, but there are a ton of charming, quaint, picture-perfect and absolutely amazing smaller town in EU countries that will be just as charming – maybe even more so. because of a Roman wall or particular cuisine. We’ve decided to share with you some of these destinations and place them on your digital map for the near future. Trust us – we’ve identified cost effective destinations which are totally worth it. We want you to PLAN, STAY, DO, EAT and CELEBRATE these destinations with us.

Zadar, Croatia

Probably Zadar is not the lowest profile city on this list, but surely is not as famous as other cities in Europe or even Croatia. Still, this big city by Croatian standards has a great climate throughout the year and amazing views as you can easily see in the photo above. It’s a city filled with history – its first mention dating 384 BC – and a lot of things for you to see during your daily walks. You have a ton of things to visit there and the fact that it’s right near the sea makes it an even nicer destination. Add to that great locals and delicious local food (and beer) and you have all the reasons to put Zadar, Croatia on your next list of cities to visit or live in for a while.


Pecs, Hungary

Although this is one of the largest cities in Hungary, it doesn’t get the attention it deserves as most of the visits in Hungary mean visiting Budapest, the capital. But this city not only that it offers options for quick and cheap trips to Croatia and Serbia, but it also has a lot to offer by itself. Named the European Capital of Culture in 2010, Pecs has a lot to offer in terms of things to visit, including UNESCO World Heritage Necropolis of Sopianae. The prices are extremely low, the locals are very friendly and the food is delicious, especially if you love your paprika! Even if you don’t, you still have to try the local gulash and wash it down with some Hungarian wine.


Verduno, Italy

There is a lot more to Italy than Rome and Milan or Venice, and I personally recommend Verduno. Probably not everybody’s idea of great destination, this is actually a tiny village in the middle of nowhere, but one that you will absolutely fall in love with if you are looking for an extremely slow paced living, fresh air and some amazing wine. It’s a perfect choice for agrotourism lovers and a perfect place to recharge your batteries and enjoy some spectacular views.


Drobeta Turnu Severin, Romania

Some of you might not even know where Romania is on the map and I am sure that those who do have never heard about Drobeta Turnu Severin, despite its long name. However, you should’ve, as this is a beautiful city with insanely low prices. Not only that it is situated on the coast of the Danube river and is a stone’s throw away from Serbia, but it also has a small forest nearby, withing walking distance, for some fresh air and maybe a picnic.

The city is also filled with history, since this is the place where the Romans have built their bridge to cross into the country (there are remains of the bridge visible), with beautiful streets and old houses, great views and a ton of entertainment options. The best part? Everything in the city is within walking distance!


Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava is Slovakia’s capital and largest city (at just 500,000 people, though). Apart from the great architecture and extremely low prices that you will find here, you will also be in the only European capital that’s bordering two countries (Austria and Hungary), opening the gate for cheap trips there. A great choice during the summer as winters tend to get pretty cold in Bratislava!


Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

A small municipality in Switzerlad with almost 2,500 inhabitants, 20% of Lauterbrunnen’s population are expats – which I believe tells a lot about the beautiful surroundings (if the photo above doesn’t do the trick). As a fun fact, about half of the population is single and never been married, so who knows – maybe you’ll find true love while out there?


Padova, Italy

Padova or Padua is a charming city and I guarantee you will fall in love with it instantly. Although not one of the cheapest on this list, it’s really worth every penny spent since you will find yourself in a city that still breathes a medieval air. The streets are narrow and nice as you can see in the image above and there’s a special charm this place has and even though pretty touristy, it still stands true to its Roman roots. Plus, you’re just a stone’s throw away from Romeo & Juliet’s city, Verona, and another stone’s throw away from Venezia/Venice!


Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

A pretty small city in the Czech Republic, the old Cesky Krumlov has been declared an UNESCO World Heritage site, so you can imagine the great vibes that you will feel there. The city is small and charming and you will surely enjoy all the long walks you’re going to take during your stay, exploring every street and corner around. Bonus: it’s really cheap too!


Torun, Poland

Situated on the Vistula river, and looking just like a post card, Torun is a lively city with a lot of offers on the plate. Also an UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Polish city will delight you with its Gothic cathedrals, historical buildings and Gothic houses. The city somehow managed to avoid destruction during the second World War, so most of its historical places and old buildings are there to delight all visitors.


Annecy, France

You all know about Venice, but I doubt many have heard about Annecy, the Venice in France. It comes packed with amazing views as you can see in the image above and beautiful houses, but also an old Castle built in the 12th century, a Cathedral and various Rues with romantic arches, shops, gardens and the fountain of Saint Jean among other things. It would be a perfect destination for digital nomads for at least one month, so pack your backs and practice your French, because you should be visiting this place!


So, there you have them: 10 amazing cities in Europe for digital nomads and those who love to travel. Make sure to have them in mind the next time you book a plane ticket or a train ride and don’t forget to share this article with your friends – they might like it just as much as you did!

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