What’s Up with Sunscreen?

Newly released reports suggest increased testosterone levels, potentially some fertility issues, among those participating in a study done on 24 people and sunscreen. What’s up with Sunscreen? The chemicals found in sunscreen go deeper into the blood stream than we thought. The study noticed the chemicals in the blood stream after only one day.

The study did not meet the statistical threshold of 26 data points. So… reader beware. Most doctors recommend an SPF rating of 15-50 and there is no significant data to suggest higher ratings improve effectiveness.

Jamie believes in aromatherapy, or at least he loves the smell of Bain de Soleil Orange Gelee SPF 4 for a deep tan. I love the smell. All my holidays from childhood onwards are connected to this great product. Claire likes the safe route and chooses sunscreen by the numbers, she likes Aveeno or Nivea 30 SPF.

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