Inter- Continental – Minneapolis

We give it 0/5 Stones! Don’t Stay here.

It is not every day that we get the worst of all experiences. But this is a hotel location to avoid. I’ll tell you why!

You enter into the hotel at Gate C25 along Concourse C in Terminal 1. On the day in question the trams were not operational. The security entrance into the hotel grounds is found on the third floor and has a glass partition that lets you enter and then enter again. It was midnight and we missed our connection. The hotel informed us there was no room in their hotel and that is fair enough. We’ve had our setbacks before. We headed to the bar and were making other plans. Needless to say, our WiFi did not work, nor did our phones! They are jammed as we would later find out! We discovered this an hour later from the front desk. There are FBI offices located in the same building. We had rebooted our phones 3 times, turned WiFi on and off to no avail! It was only when we went to the desk to use their phone that they told us that the FBI were jamming the signals. They would NOT (Note my CAPS) call a cab for us out of policy and no taxis were on premises. YUCK! We walked in the blizzard snow of Minnesota to get back into the terminal. No walkway! It is at the end of concourse C after all. There was no sign at Concourse C outside the entrance to say the hotel was full. The hotel’s response was it was not the hotel’s entrance! Imagine that! Rude, mindless service. We will never go back. Should you choose to stay there anyway, be aware that there is no shuttle to the airport terminals (more than a mile away). When the morning comes, and it will, then reader beware – the surprise cometh – your phones won’t work!

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